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Magic point Rheinfalls

Pendeum over the Rheinfall
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Pendulum over the Rheinfall There is a claim that the Rheinfall is a place with 200'000 Bovis units and therefore one of the most important cosmotelluristic places in Europe. (The Bovis unit called after the French physisist Bovis. One Bovis correponds to one Angstroem (=10-7 mm). 200'000 Bovis units are therefore 2/100 mm.)
The rheinfall is not listed as a point of cosmic energy in the bestseller book of Blanche Merz "Points of cosmic energy in Switzerland". The places listed in that book were measured with a "Bovis Biometer".
A pool position among "cosmic energy places" is taken by the village Aesch (750'000 units). At most locations, one measures 6500 Bovis. This corresponds to the wavelength of the red light. The Grossmünster in Zürich for example should have 18'000 Bovis units.
Scientists are sceptical. Prof Friedrich Heller from the ETH Zürich - he is a specialist in radiation and magnetic fiels and has repeated the measurements at the places - has the oppinion that all this is rubish. Also Prof. Norbert Leitgeb from the University of Graz thinks that with these force field measurements, people are mislead.
However, followers of the theory of "cosmic places" don't want scientific measurements. They say that the human beeing is the best measurement.
Back to the rheinfalls: if the rheinfall is a point of interest for all those, who belive in the cosmic place "Rheinfall", then the thank of the tourism office will be guaranteed.
In any case, www.rheinfall.com is happy about your visit of our website. You contribute so also to the "force field rheinfalls". If you should visit the rheinfalls, we suggest to meditate 3x3 minutes at the border of the basin and check afterwards the success or failure at home in daily life.
We will be happy to hear from the result. Because there is no point in arguing, we want to refrain from arguments for or against the thesis of "magic places". For rhetoric confrontations in this matter, not even the best training at K+K could help.

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