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13 Oktober 2022

Potential places for wind turbines

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October 13, 2022
 Zurich: Zurich wants to set up 120 wind turbines - communities are
 protesting In order to promote electricity production from wind power,
 the canton of Zurich wants to set up 120 wind turbines that are up to 235
 meters high. Construction is scheduled to start in 2030.  The canton's
 new planning includes a total of 46 locations that are suitable for the
 construction of wind turbines.
 The canton's project is causing displeasure among the communities. Not
 least because the right to have a say in the location determination is
 to be restricted.
 The canton of Zurich wants to promote electricity production from wind
 power and has to do so wind potential areas evaluated. According to
 the new plan, the map includes a total of 46 locations on which 120
 to 235 meter high wind turbines are to be set up. Construction of
 the facilities is scheduled to start in 2030. The Freie Landschaft
 Zürich association speaks of a "major attack on the population,
 nature and landscape".
 Displeasure is also spreading among the affected communities: "It cannot
 be that such massive cuts in the landscape and in the community autonomy
 are allowed," says the Mayor of Schlatt, Urs Schäfer. He couldn't
 understand this "constraint". He sharply criticizes the fact that the
 building department wants to further reduce the communal right to have
 a say. "I can only say: farewell to municipal autonomy, centralization
 is the future. Unfortunately."  The 46 wind potential areas of the
 canton of Zurich are marked on this map.  The 46 wind potential areas
 of the canton of Zurich are marked on this map.  Schäfer is also
 annoyed that the canton only redefined the landscape protection areas
 in the municipality of Schlatt at the beginning of the year and entered
 them in the structure plan. "A few months later, however, this area
 suddenly becomes a potential area for wind turbines - and without the
 right to object."  Carlo Hächler, President of the municipality
 of Hittnau, is also not enthusiastic about the canton's plan. "In my
 opinion, we will need much more electrical energy than the building
 department predicted." He doubts that wind energy will cover seven
 percent of demand in 2050. "I think that the measures will then only
 account for three to four percent. I wonder if the rigorous measures
 are proportionate."  Hächler considers it "problematic" that the
 building department wants to give the municipalities less say in the
 location determination in the future: "The objection is ultimately a
 democratic right."  Christoph Hiller, Mayor of Miles, does not want to
 allow himself a final verdict. "I have nothing against the fact that
 Switzerland wants to be less dependent on electricity imports from
 abroad." However, there is still a need for clarification on various
 points - for example, whether the Pfannenstiel is a suitable location
 and what the efficiency of such a system is. "Likewise, weighing up
 goods with nature and landscape protection and the democratic and legal
 framework will be an issue."  Hiller currently sees no reason to get
 excited because: "For the time being it's nothing more than an idea." He
 thinks it is wrong to take an unequivocal stand against the planned
 measures before the investigations have been carried out. "After all, we
 all consume electricity."  The canton's project sparked a controversial
 discussion among readers: "It looks awful, I don't want to see any!", a
 user is bothered by the appearance of the wind turbines. Another person
 disagrees: "I live in the country, in the immediate vicinity of wind
 turbines. They don't bother me or the other residents." Other readers,
 on the other hand, question whether the canton of Zurich is even suitable
 for wind energy production.  Among the comments, however, there are also
 some who support electricity production using wind turbines: "This is
 the future and cannot be prevented. Which is also good. People always
 whine when they have trouble understanding. Good and keep it up." Another
 user supports the withdrawal of the right to appeal: "Remove the right
 to appeal and move forward. We don't have time to argue for years."

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